Unique design

The houses of Ramsinranta are eco homes designed by SAFA architect Janne Kantee. Each house features a spacious kitchen and living space and terraces for enjoying the view. Large glass surfaces take the surrounding nature as a part of the interior, which has also been an important starting point for architectural design. The timeless architecture of the houses is both modern and clean. The interior design of the project is by the hand of Esko Saarenoja.


3D pictures are based on an artist's vision.


The houses are located on a slope, which gives each house both an unobstructed view to the sea and a sense of privacy. Ramsinranta is a stylish and elegant area, which has been designed respecting the surrounding nature. The regional planning of Ramsinranta is by SAFA architect Mari Matomäki, who is also the head designer of the project.

Ramsinranta – the ecological flagship of wooden architecture

The modern first-rate wooden architecture of Ramsinranta is realized using the eco home structure of Honkatalot. The houses are built as Honkatalot eco homes, which ensures the fresh quality of indoor air and gives the houses a strong and healthy structure. For instance, there is no plastic used in the walls, so it remains a breathing structure.




A new home ready to the smallest detail

Ramsinranta features 15 separate houses, the size of which varies from 125 to 216 m2 designed to be made from high-quality building materials.